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Arduino as serial adapter

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If you don’t have a USB to serial adapter but would still like to get started playing with the EE-NBIOT-01, it’s also possible to use a microcontroller like Arduino to forward serial data between the computer and the EE-NBIOT-01. The easiest is to use an Arduino board with 3.3V operating voltage, which also has 3.3V on the I/O pins. Most Arduino boards, like the popular Arduino Uno, have 5V I/O logic. For those you’ll need a voltage divider on TX so we don’t damage the EE-NBIOT-01.

Arduino with 3.3V operating voltage

The boards with 3.3V logic don’t need a voltage divider and are straightforward to use: Arduino Zero, Arduino MKR Zero, Arduino M0, Arduino Due. See the photo below for how to connect these boards.

Arduino MKR Zero serial forwarder
See image in full resolution

Arduino with 5V operating voltage

Using a 100Ω resistor for R1 and a 220Ω resistor for R2 should give an output of 3.4V - which is well below the max of 4.25V of the SARA-N210. Because the EE-NBIOT-01 uses 3.3V internally, RX will be 3.3V already, which is enough to trigger high on the Arduino pin. In other words we don’t need a voltage divider for RX.

Arduino serial forwarder schematics [Arduino serial forwarder breadboard
See image in full resolution

Arduino NB-IoT Serial Forwarder

You’ll also need to upload this sketch to the Arduino board

// For Arduino boards with a hardware serial port separate from USB serial. This is usually mapped to Serial1.
// Check which pins are used for Serial1 on the board you're using.
// For Arduino boards with only one hardware serial port, like Arduino Uno. It is mapped to USB, so we use
// SoftwareSerial on pin 10 and 11 instead.
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial nbiot(10, 11);

void setup() {

void loop() {
  if (Serial.available()) {      // When data on USB serial
    nbiot.write(;  // Forward it to pin 11

  if (nbiot.available()) {       // When data on pin 10
    Serial.write(;  // Forward it to USB serial
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