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Getting started with Telenor NB-IoT Developer Platform

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So you’ve got your EE-NBIOT-01 and are anxious to get started. Before the fun can start we need to complete some steps in the Telenor NB-IoT Developer Platform. Let’s go!


Navigate to In order to login, you will need a CONNECT account or a GitHub account. Once logged in you should be greeted by a simple dashboard:

Screenshot: Just logged in

Key concepts

Before we go any further, let’s get familiar with some key concepts in the Telenor NB-IoT Developer Platform: NB-IoT devices are called (drum roll, please) devices. Devices are grouped into collections. A collection may contain zero or more devices. Collections (and, by extension, devices) are owned by teams. A team consists of one or more users. As a user you are always part of a team, including your own private one-person team.

Create a Team

You already have a _user_, the one you logged in with, so let’s create a team. Navigate over to Teams:

Screenshot: Team overview

Click on the Create new team button, give it a name, and create the team:

Screenshot: Create team

Once the new team is created, the team overview is updated to show the new team:

Screenshot: Team created

Create a Collection

Back at the collection overview we are presented with the possibility to create a new collection for our new team.

Screenshot: Dashboard updated

Click the Create new collection, fill in the form, and create the collection:

Screenshot: Create collection

Add a device

With our new collection created, it’s time to add a device. Clicking on the collection takes us to an overview:

Screenshot: Create collection

Navigate to _Device list_:

Screenshot: Add new device

Click on Add device and fill in the form:

Screenshot: Create new device

The device name is optional, but it is crucial to get both the IMSI and IMEI correct. In order to get the device IMSI you must query the device itself. The command to query the device for its IMSI is AT+CIMI, but you must first enable the radio by issuing AT+CFUN=1 and waiting a few seconds.

You can also query the device for its IMEI by issuing AT+CGSN=1, which is much more convenient than reading it off the tiny label.

Check out the Interactive terminal tutorial to learn how to issue commands to the EE-NBIOT-01.

View data from device

With the device created, it’s time to check that everything is working properly. Looking at the Device list in our collection, we find our newly created device:

Screenshot: Create new device

After clicking on the device’s name, we are presented with information about the device. Check the _”Decode base 64 payload”_, send some data and watch it appear! Check out the Interactive terminal tutorial to learn how to send data.

Screenshot: Incoming data

The data has arrived and setup is now complete!

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